Friday, June 11, 2010

Stampaholics 10 Minute Challenge

This just might be my last post - especially if  my daughter Amber sees I used one of her wedding pictures for the 10 minute challenge this week!! Well, we actually get 20 minutes for a scrapbook page.  Did I make it in 20 minutes??  Not a chance.  It took me 55 minutes and it was worth every minute to make this page.

Since Big Tex is not allowed in my stamping/computer/guest room, I had to use the clock on my computer to keep track of time.  I used My Digital Studio for this challenge.

Okay, so here's the sketch we were to use - Thanks, Sage, I copied this from your blog... hee...hee...
And here is my scrapbook page...

This is just the bride's side of the family.  I'll have to do another page for the groom, but I'll have to find that other CD of pictures, first!!  LOL  I was planning to do a scrapbook for my sweetie for Christmas last year, but I didn't get it done - too little time - and no, I didn't procrastinate.  I was having designer's block and other issues...hee hee..

Ok, that's it folk.  No humor, no funny stories...just the facts ma'm, just the facts!  Thanks for stopping by.
Leave me a comment to let me know what you think!!


  1. What a lovely page, Darla. You show off the sketch beautifully. The colors and embellishments are just perfect. 55 minutes beats my time this week--I am guessing about 3 hours!

  2. Darla...Way to rock the Stamp A Holic challenge. Thank you for playing with us. Your page is as beautiful as the bride.

  3. I read your commentary on your sb page. 106 degrees!!! That is HOT! And so is your page. Good job.

  4. WOW, you rock, this page is amazing and the bride beautiful, can't wait to see the grooms page too.
    Was it really 106?

  5. To those previous comments - Yes, it really was 106 degrees. I was there!
    I am SO GLAD you're finally scrapbooking! I can't wait for you to teach me Stampin' Up's digital.
    Beautiful page, beautiful bride and beautiful smiles on her parents faces!

  6. Beautiful page - wonderful job on this! To heck with the time - it was worth it.

  7. I love this page! The embellishment, journaling and layout of pics are just right in my estimation. Seeing it made a light go on in my little head for a like-layout for one of my scrapbooks. And, what a beautiful bride!!!